Ski Rental at the Dundret ski resort

Northstar.se handles the ski rental at the Dundret ski resort. On this page you will find everything you need to know to make a reservation for the gear you wish to rent.
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Barnutrustnig gäller upp till 140 cm längd på skdan eller snowboarden

How do I make a ski rental reservation?
All inquiries are made by Email. Simply send us an Email at skiduthyrning@northstar.se
In order to make a reservation you will need to incude the following information:

Name(Name and Surname)
Phone number
Email address(so we confirm your reservation)
Date of Birth(you will need to show an ID card or passport at pickup)
Pickup and dropoff dates(ex. pickup January 1, drop off January 5)
Shoe size

You also need to tell us what equipment you wish to rent All info on available gear and ski packages are listed in our price list. Click here to download our price list!(pdf)
We also want you to tell us if you wish to include our insurance in your reservation.
Read more about the insurance in the Q&A lower on this page.

What happens when I have made my reservation?
We will send you an Email within 3 days, to confirm that we have reserved your desired gear for the dates you have selected.

You need to make your reservation at least 3 days prior to the pickup date!
If you want to rent our gear on shorter notice than 3 days, we cannot make a reservation. However, you are welcome to Drop in and rent directly over the counter. We are usually able to accommodate your needs directly, but without reservation we cannot guarantee that the equipment you desire is available.

Can I include family and/or friends in my reservation?
Yes you can! If you wish to make a reservation for more than one person you will need to provide us with Name, Shoe size and height for all individuals included, as well as information on what equipment is desired for each person.
Please note! As the person making the reservation, you have full responsibility for all equipment rented in your name, no matter how many persons are included.

Do I need to show my ID-card or passport in order to rent gear?
Yes. You will have to show your ID-card or passport upon pickup.

What type of skis is the best choice for me?
Our standard skis and packages holds a very high high standard, and is the best option for most people. If you want to step up your game, our advanced option gives you a more rigid ski that will demand a bit more out of your skills.
Then, if you have both on- and off-piste ambitions, we highly recommend you try out our All-Mountain packages and skis.

How do I select the correct ski boot size?
Just give us your regular shoe size, and we will make sure you'll have a great fitting boot!

How do I select the correct helmet size?
No need to think about that. We will help fit the helmets when you pickup your gear.

How about ski storage for my rental period?
Sorry, we have no storage options available. You will have to manage on your own
At the Dundret Björnfällan Hotel there is ski storage available to hotel guests.

How about equipment insurance?
You have the option to include a great insurance policy when you reserve or pickup your gear.
The price for the insurance is SEK 50:-/day per person for one day, and SEK 30:-/day per person for subsequent days if you rent for more than one day.
(Example: 1 day = SEK 50:-, 2 days = SEK 80:-, 3 days = SEK 110:- etc.)
The insurance will fully cover any repairs on damaged equipment. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair, you will pay an excess of SEK 500:-
If you choose not to include the insurance and you accidentally damage the equipment, you will have to pay the actual repair cost, or, if the equipment is damaged beyond repair - the full value of the damaged items.
Please note! The insurance does NOT cover theft.

Where do I pickup and drop off my gear?
The Ski rental business is located by the large parking lot by the ski lifts. This is where you pickup your gear and also where you drop it off once your reservation is up.
This is also where you can Drop-in rent gear over the counter.

Are pickup and drop off dates included in the rental period?
Yes. You pickup your gear on the morning of the first day, and return the gear at the end of the last day included in your reservation

Can I call you for questions or to make a reservation over the phone?
No, please don't do that. We have decided to keep reservations and incuiries regarding ski rental strictly via Email. Partly because this way it is easier for us to handle a written reservation request, to make sure that your gear is promptly reserved and to minimize risk of any errors. But also because in the winter season we are always very busy, and we rarely even have time to answer the phone. So keep all questions and reservations strictly by Email.
Send all your inquiries and reservations to skiduthyrning@northstar.se.

Click here to download our price list!(pdf)

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